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Established in 1994 by Mr. Naum Riskovski, Riskovski Law Office is offering high value services on all matters of civil & commercial laws, having specialized in concessions of mineral resources providing sophisticated advice in that specific area.

Over the years Riskovski Law Office has built a reputation of recognized professional integrity.

The office responds to emerging needs of corporate clients with regard to specific aspects of corporate governance to offer tailor-made solutions and effective representation.We are committed to providing efficient, high quality and cost-conscious counseling to clients and thus we accomplish ours and our clients’ vision of excellence. Our philosophy is that each client is unique.

Therefore, we strategically approach each arising issue and provide accurate advice and representation specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and particularities. Overall, geared with a large network of affiliated law practitioners abroad, translators, experts and real estate agencies, we develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ business and methods of operation and provide legal services to effectively support our clients’ wider range of activities. In addition, our Office, assisted by a highly specialized Translations Department, delivers accurate translations from and to a great variety of languages.

As of 2016, Mr. Reno Riskovski has established an extensive and ongoing cooperation with the international law firm “EGNA Law Firm (Navridis & Associates)” Athens Greece by managing its consulting office in North Macedonian. Mr. Reno Riskovski is a fluent Greek and English speaking attorney.

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Areas of practice

Mineral resources

1. Detail geological explorations (Complete strategy and procedure)
2. Exploitation concession
3. Mining license (complete procedure with coordination and gathering and of all necessary documents)
4. Expansion procedure of current exploration or exploitation concessions
5. Connection of two neighboring concessions

Compensation Of Damages And Kasko (Full Insurance) Regress

Collection of damages suffered from car accidents. Collection of regress claims on behalf of insurance companies. Collection of claims on behalf of North Macedonian insurance companies and citizens for damages suffered abroad


-The office provides expert translations from Macedonian to English or Greek language and vice versa.

Legal Due Diligence

Preparаtion of legal due diligence tasks for various legal fields

Corporative Issues

-Establishment of a new company, branch office or representative office in Macedonia (complete coordination and support of the entire process).
-Various ongoing company changes (name, activity, seat, manager, capital, representative office, ownership)
-Participation and preparation of bilingual (MK+EN) documents for holding Shareholders’ assemblies, Board of Directors’ meetings


-Preparation of contracts with subcontractors, services providers, outsourcers
-Preparation of a draft for General Terms that accompany a contract
-Real estate purchasing contracts with its full procedure (tax and notary).

Legal Stay Of Foreigners

-Coordination of the entire procedure in front of the Employment agency for receiving employment permits for foreigners as well as continuing their validity when they expire
-Coordination of the entire procedure in front of the Ministry of interior for receiving residence permits for foreigners as well as continuing their validity when they expire

Court Issues

-Preparation and lodging of lawsuits in the civil law field (obligations, debts, claims, damages, divorce, inheritance etc.).

Asylum And Refugees Issues

-Active participation in all NGO trainings and administrative procedures for asylum seeker

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In a timeless effort, Mr.Riskovski settled our inheritance issues, our property issues, sale purchaseissues and is now our ongoing counsel in North Macedonia

Alexandre Stoyanofski andParaskevi Moraitis, Belgium

Asa foreign company we have to rely on our advisors for local compliance ®ulations. Reno has guided us through the incorporation and complianceprocess in a very efficient manner. We consider him as a trusted partner forour operations in North Macedonia.

Ilias Sachanas, CEO andfounder of MARBLE SACHANAS AE GREECE

“Mineral resources are coreto our business. Reno has provided us with strategic guidance and mineralrecourse consulting and strategy basedon local legislature. He has also provided legal consulting in other ongoingissues”.

Vladimir Zlatkovski, sales & marketing Director at Weinerberger, NorthMacedonia.

His extensive knowledge in the field of mineral resources helped us and guided us to performa successful start up which than acquired a marble exploitation concessionalong with all mining licenses. His work covers the entire legal tasks ofoperating a quarry (H&S;, Environment, Compliance, work force, etc)

Ilias Sachanas, CEO andfounder of MARBLE SACHANAS AE GREECE

I highly recommend Renoboth for his wholistic approach to law as well as his all-around knowledge ofthe corporate environment; he is easy to work with and has demonstratedflexibility, punctuality and attention to detail in a wide range of cases wehave cooperated on.”

Elena Kostovska, General Manager of Eurofast Global Skopje, North Macedonia

Great cooperator fordomestic advise and abroad issues”

Derya Hamza Seferi – Head of legal department – Halk Bank Skopje

“Mr. Riskovski is handlingpart of our kasko regress claims at court for three years now”

Slavcho Taushanov,Executive Director of Halk Insurance Skopje

The expert in NorthMacedonia in the field of asylum. Extensive cooperation with all aspects ofasylum. Detention, Asylum request, Accommodation, Administrative procedure atthe Ministry of interior and at the Administrative Court

Mitko Kiprovski, CountryAdvocacy Officer, Jesuit Refugee Service North Macedonia

The cooperation with your law office provided us with timely advice and full support when we started our new branch office in Macedonia. We were provided with prompt and quality legal support…

ISO-PLUS A.E. Athens

Mr. Reno Riskovski is an excellent communicator, devoted colleague, has been exchanging clients with our office for 15+ years with constant follow up and support. Outstanding task manager and coordinator.

Vasiliki Zioga, founding partner of Zioga Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece
Konstantinos Botsaris, founding partner of Botsaris Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece
Asimina Agelopoulou, founding partner of Agelopoulou Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece

Excellent communicator, quality time management of assigned projects

Express International Cargo

Mr. Riskovski has beencollecting our receivables from debtors and has been our family lawyer as well

Aleksandar Stefanovski,Manager and Owner of Albi Publishing Skopje

The Law Office

Reno Riskovski


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Nikola Kiprovski

External Associate

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